Dancers leap, hit and spin through a variety of genres during Pop up dance events. Either as a special event, such as the Culture Crawl Summer Dance Concert or as part of other Pop Up events, you can “Dance like no one is watching” but we prefer if you do!

3rd annual Culture Crawl Summer Dance Series!

Martha Graham said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body.” The dancers in the Culture Crawl Dance Series presentation of Unbound  bared their souls to the sold out crowd this past March 5-7. Filling the seats of the beautiful, Hamilton Stage, audience members were entranced with a strong showing of New Jersey artists. 

Ensemble dancer, choreographer, and Director of the show, Nikola Palivoda. displayed his breadth of abilities by seamlessly transitioning through, not just his production roles but through different genres of dance. From his lively, comedic, Serbian Folk dance, to his stunning performance in Melissa Langholff’s contemporary pieces Falter and Numbness, Nikola displayed why success is inevitable for this talented artist.

Bringing to life a spoken word piece, choreographer, dancer and Assistant Director, Rodney Green Jr. brought spectators on a journey with both his contemporary duet and a moving Step-Fusion group piece. Showing he is an innovator in this fusion- style. 

Genesis Perez, debuted her new dance company, Gen Essence with two powerfully energetic hip hop pieces that showcased why she is an up-and-coming choreographer on the New Jersey scene.  

Amber Sol, performing with both professional and amateur dancers from SharonFit Bellydance, stunned audiences with her undulating Traditional Sword solo, balancing the blade on her head as she serpentined to the floor. 

Rahway Dance Theatre, directed by Armanii Saahd-Tann, brought three pieces to the performance this year. A contemporary piece highlighted the long elegant lines of her teen dancers while her animated jazz piece and powerful Afro-fusion performed by her adult dancers brought  boundless energy to the stage.

First partnering with Mr. Palivoda during the larger Culture Crawl Festival in 2016, an arts and music festival that expands throughout the entire downtown of Rahway, the RA+BP and Palivoda decided to expand the dance portion of the event and created a separate dance concert highlighting New Jersey dancers and choreographers. Just as the dance portion of the larger festival showcases dances of many different genres, so did Unbound. Audience members had no idea what to expect when the lights came up; A dynamic tap piece performed by one of the ensemble dancers; perhaps an upbeat Salsa duet by Contento Dance; a moving piece about Recovery by Kreative Arts NJ, a spooky Voodoo by Kaye-Lynn Dance Studio and choreographed by Mr. Palivoda; or maybe it was the vivacious ladies of Rahway Revolution X.  Each show had a unique line up, rewarding those patrons of the arts who attended multiple performances. 

The Culture Crawl Dance Series has grown over the past three years. “It’s become so much more than what we originally envisioned.  This is not just about working to put on a dance show anymore; we’re giving a platform for artists to create, develop and share their work with a local audience and an opportunity for dancers to become part of challenging, engaging and entertaining works.  This is a chance for choreographers and dancers to connect and grow their network and their clientele. It’s all shared exposure, cross-pollination and growth- you come for one thing that you were interested in and by the end there were a handful of take-aways. This applies to the dancers, choreographers, audience members and production team! The show surprises me every year and I’m looking forward to seeing where we go next“ , said Palivoda.