River Theme Announced for Culture Crawl 2013

Among other soon-to-be announced news for Culture Crawl 2013, this year’s event will feature a theme.

The theme for Culture Crawl 2013 is The River.  The River has a strong presence in Rahway. The Rahway River and its branches run through many neighborhoods in the town. Our park system is built around the rivers and lakes. The River symbolizes life, nature, beauty, and recreation, but can also represent tremendous power, danger, and destruction (as we experienced during the devastating storms of Irene and Sandy).  River pollution, sustainability, land use and water resources are critical global issues. The River impacts our daily lives and our stewardship will influence the lives of generations to come.

The theme provides inspiration for the creation of new work, performances and music capturing the movement, mood, and presence of the ever-changing River.